Chrome 15 Released

Google Chrome 15 has been released. It seems like just last year i was talking about Chrome 5 and oh wait, i was. That’s the pace at which the Chrome team roll out updates and the average Joe at his desk doesn’t even know it, because it’s all updated automatically. So let’s see what’s new with this […]Read more

all about iOS5

For the past few days i’ve been running the soon to be released iOS5 on my iPhone… Apple say there’s over 200 changes and so far most of them make a lot of sense and improve usability… i’ll outline some of the more useful ones below..Read more

RIP Steve Jobs

Just 6 weeks ago Steve Jobs stepped down as Apple’s CEO. Yesterday, he died from pancreatic cancer. At the time i wrote a blog post (which in hindsight actually reads like an obituary), but that’s how big a loss Steve Jobs was to Apple as their CEO…Read more

one step at a time

The reason i’ve been blogging on / off recently is because i’m finding it difficult to focus 100% on serious work whilst simultaneously blogging on a regular basis. The net result is that i find it more difficult to write and lack sharpness. Go days without writing and time moves quickly, converting itself in to […]Read more

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