wordpress speed

5 tips to speed up your wordpress site

As part of this site’s latest makeover, I went all out to optimise its performance. Like an F1 car, the slightest of adjustments can have a big impact on performance so I’ll run through my top 5 tips for optimising wordpress… First things first, you need to establish a benchmark. You can’t improve something by measuring […]Read more

Gender, Age & Interests in Google Analytics

Back in October, Google Analytics launched new audience demographic features, allowing website owners to determine their users gender, age and interests. As website owners, we can never have enough information on our users because quite simply, the more we know about people visiting our websites, the better the content / service we can offer them…Read more

the best kind of viral video

Yesterday, Samsung unveiled their 105 inch curved 4K HDTV at the annual CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas. They had recruited Hollywood director & producer Michael Bay to give a talk on the TV but not in their wildest dreams could they have predicted the level of publicity the talk would get…Read more
new website

New Website Checklist

There’s a lot of think about when creating a new website. The name, the logo, colours used, creating content, arranging that content, configuring hosting & backups and all the admin stuff… then there’s social media & the marketing end of things too. It can be quite intimidating so I’ve made a list of some key […]Read more
iPad Air

iPad Air Review

Thinner, lighter, faster and easier to hold in one hand than its predecessor. The official cover is also much better… you can now hold the cover and the iPad won’t fall away…Read more

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