photos go around the world in 7 days

Last weekend, I shot and uploaded 365 photos in a day to my Flickr. One week on, I thought it would be interesting to take a look at where and how some of those photos are being used…Read more
365 photos. 1 day.

365 photos in a day

I’ve seen a lot of ‘365’ projects where people take a photo every day for a year or some take 2 second video clips every day for a year… it’s a challenge and forces you to be creative but for me the real reward is being able to look back on it with a sense […]Read more

where have my creative commons photos been used?

The majority of photos I upload online are uploaded to my Flickr account. I now have over 8,500 photos there and all of them have a commercial creative commons licence, meaning they can be used by pretty much anyone. Technically under that licence attribution is required but i really don’t care about attribution, i find […]Read more

Gotcha, Moon.

Earlier in the week i was pretty chuffed when i figured out that my camera can actually take ‘make-outable’ pictures of stuff in low light situations so tonight i noticed i big, full, bright ‘come get me’ moon outside, literally right above my sky light window…Read more

more holiday photos

Over the past 30 days or so i’ve uploaded over 1600 photos to my Flickr. I’ve linked to a few on this blog but that’s just tip of the iceberg stuff. Now i’ll showcase a few more…Read more

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