21 cool webmaster resources

Over the past few days and weeks i’ve built up a huge army of cool webmaster related links. Here’s 21 of my favourite…

1. Kuler – http://kuler.adobe.com/

Kuler is without doubt one of the best palette / colour tools you can have… i’ve yet to really use it, but you can see for yourself the colours all compliment each other.

2. Stripe Generator – http://www.stripegenerator.com/

This is an awesome application for creating those backgrounds… not only can you create them, but you can steal other people’s too :-)

3. ColourLovers – http://www.colourlovers.com/

Another colour scheme generator or palette blender (whatever you call them)… also includes some patterns and a mini social network.

4. Color Hunter – http://www.colorhunter.com/

With this site, you can enter a colour, or image and it pulls all the colours from that image and gives you related colours which will compliment it. Pretty handy for those colour schemes.

5. Color Generator – http://www.wellstyled.com/tools/colorscheme2/index-en.html

Another simple colour generator which is perhaps more web friendly than the rest.

6. Free Icons Web – http://www.freeiconsweb.com/

HUGE collection of QUALITY icons – not the usual tripe you see on 99% of icon related websites.

7. Iconspedia – http://www.iconspedia.com/

Another icon site – again top quality only icons and nicely categorized to make finding the right icon that bit easier.

8. Favicon Maker – http://www.faviconr.com/

Loads of these sites about, this is just one i had bookmarked. Helps you create a favicon from an image.

9. CG Textures – http://www.cgtextures.com/

Every texture you could possibly want, very handy for creating backgrounds or spicing up images.

10. Open Source CMS – http://www.opensourcecms.com/

A full collection of all the latest and greatest open source software for web development.

11. Type tester – http://www.typetester.org/

Your one stop shop for comparing and creating font types in CSS.

12. htaccess cheat sheet – http://www.thejackol.com/htaccess-cheatsheet/

Very handy for editing and creating custom .htaccess files. Everything you need.

13. CSS Lists – http://css.maxdesign.com.au/index.htm

Everything you’ll ever need to create CSS lists – excellent site with loads of tutorials and examples.

14. Ajax Daddy – http://www.ajaxdaddy.com/

A collection of AJAX based scripts – beautiful site with some really beautiful scripts – i can’t wait to get stuck in to some of them ;-)

15. Dynamic Drive – http://www.dynamicdrive.com/style/

Another great CSS resource site

16. Free AJAX scripts – http://freeajaxscripts.net/

Directory of free AJAX scripts

17. Best AJAX Scripts – http://www.bestajaxscripts.com/

Another AJAX script resource.

18. Specky Boy – http://speckyboy.com/

Just check out the site yourself – some great lists on various webmaster topics.

19. AJAX rain – http://www.ajaxrain.com/

Some more AJAX scripts and tools to get stuck in to (is it obvious i’m a fan of AJAX?!).

20. Free Stock Images – http://www.sxc.hu/

My favourite stock images service… literally hundreds of thousands of free images.

21. Web 2.0 Badges – http://www.web20badges.com/

Some cool web 2.0 badges and you can even download the original .psd’s.

  • http://www.kashifblog.com Kashif

    Hey very handy . Great cimpilation :) . Thumbs up for you !

  • http://www.leateds.com Sean

    This is great, just in time, i am making a new website, this will be me some help for colors :D

  • http://www.irishsellers.com/ IrishSellers

    Great list, some very useful websites listed there

  • http://www.greatirishphotos.com/ Michael

    great website, found it on digg.

  • http://www.bluenoser.net/ Jeff

    Great list, thanks for the heads-up on some of these. The badge maker is awesome I have used it a lot.

  • http://tools.trendics.com Kent Johnson

    We have a few free webmaster tools as well at http://tools.trendics.com.

  • http://www.10000listings.com Directory

    This is perfect, great tools for designers!

  • http://www.tangerinevisions.com Simon

    I already use half of these there great, the other half I will be using from now on, thanks

  • http://www.egnarosoft.com Web Design Malaysia

    Thanks, these are great and really useful for designers …

  • http://www.hamroawaaz.com/ United Voices

    This is an awesome list for webmasters. I know it personally, cause I know and am a regular visitor of most of these sites.

  • http://internetrealestatesuccess.com/ Jamey Bridges

    That list is pretty awesome. I bookmarked a few of them for use. Very practical and can be used on a consistent basis. Thanks for sharing.

  • http://www.ard4art.com Ardi

    some of them i always visits everyday. thx for the other lists….

  • http://elainebissdesigns.com Elaine B.

    Super list!

  • D

    An addition to the colours would be:
    http://www.colorschemer.com – for finding color schemes, and
    http://www.colorschemer.com/online – for finding complementing colors.

    First and best site I ever used for colours.. Besides that, great list. Bookmarked!

  • http://www.danhbaweb20.com/?p=326 Danh ba web 2.0

    Great collection for me ! Thanks you very much
    Keep up the good work !

  • Endat

    great list! there are also tools to put an audio file on your page, like this one

  • http://www.herbalvitality.info Herbal Al

    this is really useful resource. the htaccess site, has helped a lot today

  • http://gscripts.net Hristo

    good list.
    you may also include gscripts.net – big directory of free php scripts

  • http://blografik.com Mehmet Baykal

    Great resources. Thanks for the effort.

  • http://seansmyth.ie/blog Sean Smyth

    Cool list. Thanks.

  • http://www.hipotecasplan.com/ Helen

    Thanks for list. I would like to create a badge once.

  • http://www.hipotecasplan.com/ Helen

    Thanks for list. I would like to create a badge once.

  • http://twitter.com/xtence xtence

    very usefull tools, thanks for sharing !

  • http://www.mckenzie-snyder.com/ Andrew

    Thanks for this kick-@$# post, these tools are awesome. I especially like Type Tester, they all rock. Keep up the good work. Thanks.

  • http://www.1blogger1.com/ Mark

    OK I'm in love with this list.. Aint seen some of that stuff before :D

  • http://www.nieruchomosciwarszawa24.pl/ nieruchomosci

    that's great!

  • eddiestack

    just found these today— many thanks, Sean!

  • http://www.easyrecovery.co.uk hard disk recovery

    Blessing from webmasters all over the world!! Great post. Thanks a lot

  • Russia


  • Dom

    hey sean go and check http://www.vectorsforfree.com its a fucking great site i found with stumble, also like yours!! cheeers

  • http://www.mybbgrup.com MyBB

    Thanks, these are great and really useful for designers …


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